Monday, September 5, 2011

New Board of Directors

The ASA Elections are complete...and we have a new board of directors.

President: Massimo Conturso (CT)

Vice President East Region: Andrew Zunino (PA)
Vice President South Region: Tom Shirley (TN)
Vice President Midwest Region: Michael Tillman (MN)
Vice President West Region: Zach Walker (CO)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Future....

Well it is September 1st...a new Subbuteo season is upon us.... and what is the state of the game here in America? Well a quick look around shows that there are less people out there playing the game....Why? Well, seems to me that there are many reasons...none of which the STSL would like to delve into at the moment.

While the recent past has not been the brightest....seems a record low of tournaments, strangely only 48 players registered on the ASA Forum, tournaments taking place that do not seek ASA sanctioning, clubs splitting up and dedicated players exiting. This only names a few of the current struggles.

Well today the ASA has moved into the future. Paul Eyes's run as President of the ASA has come to a close. We thank Paul for all of his dedication and his passion for this little game. His love for flicking is evident and infectious. Hopefully we will see Paul on the other side of the pitch someday again. Matt Fox is honored to have played at the Hallowed Grounds of Paul's garage back in 2009 when Nationals were in Maryland.

Massimo Contruso's reign as President is now 19 hours old and will usher us into the future. It is going to be interesting to see how the ASA will travel into the future. The STSL has committed to getting together more once October role around, as a monthly meeting is in the works. The other thoughts are a little to pre-mature at the moment.

Suncoaster's stay tuned here as we watch it all unfold.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Great New Site

Here is a wonderful resource for the basics of the

The site is brought to you by Paul Eyes and TableSoccerUSA. Thanks Paul!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The way it is....


This past year has turned Florida into a Subbuteo waste land of sorts.

...the tide must turn...

Friday, June 4, 2010

ASA Nationals 2010

The draw has been made for this years Nationals. There are some intersting looking matchups this year. Unfortunately there are no Suncoasters attending this year. Lets see if Dan Cranston can defend the title he battled for last year.

Good luck to all!

Open Draw

Group A
Dan Cranston
Nick Giffen
Neal Warren Rivera
Isaac Brevil

Group B
Zach Walker
Adolfo Colindres
Gregg Deinhart
Richard Mellott

Group C
Paul Eyes
Mike Byrd
Andrew Giffen
Ryan Kenny

Group D
Alex Batacchi
Dewey LaRochelle
Matt Steinmueller
Andrew Bristor

Group E
Mike Tillman
Andrew Zunino
Matt Giffen
Benny Nuger
Stuart Russell

ASA Nationals Travelers Cup 2010

The festivities start the night before the Nationals...generally with some adult beverages and food of some sort. There are laughs and stories as friends become reacquainted.

During the evening there is usually some flicking...but that night is played the traditional Traveler's Cup. This is a tournament for all the players that are in town the night before from places far and near. Will be interesting to hear about these games this year...

Traveler's Cup Participants

Round 1
Paul Eyes (Bye)
Matt Giffen (bye)

Mike Tillman vs. Alex Batacchi (furthest traveler)
Nick Giffen vs. Richard Mellott (furthest driver)

Winner of the 2010 Traveler's Cup is Mike Tillman.

Mike beat Paul Eyes in the final.

Congrats to Mike Tillman of the MSC! Great job and way to start the tournament.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Subbuteo Across America

Simon Hutchinson of the So Cal club has set up a web site dedicated to this event :

This a great idea. Since it is going to happen in May an event of our own needs to be planned.

More information to follow....